District: Alappuzha
Total Petitions Received: 79
Sl.No. Name of Petitioner Name of Entreprise/MSME Units Nature of Petitions Contact Details. Status
1 Naveed Aboobacker INFRASTRUCTURE 9846066567 Disposed (During the Meet)
2 R Vamana kini INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 4782874896, 04782875723 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
3 Linson Dominic EVERSHINE PEROLEUM INFRASTRUCTURE 9847682072 Disposed (After the Meet)
4 Asha L INFRASTRUCTURE 9061908448, Disposed (After the Meet)
5 Sasi Kumar LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9447454819, 9567418731 Disposed (After the Meet)
6 Udayan KB KANNAT INFRA STRUCTURE FINANCE 9995137177 Disposed (Before the Meet)
7 P S Sasindran LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8891196299, 04782592250 Disposed (After the Meet)
8 Kayamkulam Vyapari Vyavasaya Sahakarana Sangam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9744104179, 04792444133 Disposed (During the Meet)
9 Kujumon LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9846087876 Disposed (After the Meet)
10 Khadi Noolulpadaka Sangam FINANCE 9020242914, Disposed (After the Meet)
11 Ajmal Shajahan Mannar INFRASTRUCTURE ,TRADITIONAL SECTORS 9961419982, 8075523183 Disposed (During the Meet)
12 Subair LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9544825592, Disposed (During the Meet)
13 Sindhu Zion FINANCE 9249900137, Disposed (During the Meet)
14 Hashim FINANCE 9946319214, Disposed (During the Meet)
15 Vinod Kumar H INFRASTRUCTURE 8848953797, Disposed (During the Meet)
16 S Devarajan OTHERS 9847138394, 8848265701 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
17 Thajudheen OTHERS 7736796043, 04772260143 Disposed (After the Meet)
18 Suresh Babu Aadhithya Bakers INFRASTRUCTURE 9847040166, Disposed (After the Meet)
19 Rony Pious INFRASTRUCTURE 28713661, 04782871360 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
20 Rajesh M INFRASTRUCTURE 9495941214, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
21 Manoj Kumar INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 9400923615, Disposed (During the Meet)
22 Thayyil Habeeb OTHERS 9497526000, Disposed (After the Meet)
23 Ashiq Ebrahim OTHERS 9847311221, Disposed (After the Meet)
24 MP Pavithran Kerala State Small Scale Coir Manufactures Federation FINANCE ,OTHERS 9947083188, 8089496475 Disposed (After the Meet)
25 D Prasanna Kumar FINANCE 9544969232, Disposed (After the Meet)
26 Shanu George Cheriyan OTHERS 8138813870, Disposed (Before the Meet)
27 R Anil Kumar ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 9539377969, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
28 Rajeev M FINANCE 9645141424, Disposed (Before the Meet)
29 Cherthala Taluk Industrial Employees Union (CITU) FINANCE ,INFRASTRUCTURE 9447480472, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
30 CB Chandrababu INFRASTRUCTURE 9447480472, Disposed (After the Meet)
31 Dominik Sebastian INFRASTRUCTURE 4782872233 Disposed (After the Meet)
32 Vijayakumar KV INFRASTRUCTURE 9995084574, Disposed (During the Meet)
33 John Joseph INFRASTRUCTURE 8547861838, Disposed (Before the Meet)
34 V Rajendra Prasad FINANCE ,INFRASTRUCTURE 9847629895, Disposed (After the Meet)
35 Xavier J Ponnezhath LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,INFRASTRUCTURE 9847535532, Disposed (Before the Meet)
36 VC Antony FINANCE ,INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 8089172071, Disposed (Before the Meet)
37 K Siyad LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9946699904, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
38 Uthuman Zahib Shaji OTHERS 9895181700, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
39 K Prakashan ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 9387473029, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
40 Chithra Ramachandran INFRASTRUCTURE 984671220, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
41 Baby Samuel LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,INFRASTRUCTURE 9496618128, Disposed (After the Meet)
42 NX Jacob Ocean Gems Exports India Pvt. Ltd. FINANCE 9633444863, Disposed (After the Meet)
43 Vinu Chandran Kandappally Yeveesi Enterprises OPC Pvt. Ltd. FINANCE Under processing(Other Offices)
44 Kusan Sivadasan Coearth Substainable Products Pvt. Ltd. FINANCE 8590560985, Disposed (During the Meet)
45 Rajesh Anand ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 9447174753, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
46 Vivek OTHERS 9744009676, Disposed (After the Meet)
47 Alli Prakashan LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9562801923, Disposed (After the Meet)
48 The Labours Coir Mats & Mattings Co-operative Society Ltd No. A-733 OTHERS 4782862207 Under processing(Other Offices)
49 Vineetha U LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9526364665 Disposed (After the Meet)
50 Binu INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 9074882738, Under processing DIC
51 James Francis OTHERS 9447975770, Disposed (Before the Meet)
52 Jayalekshmi Bijish FINANCE ,OTHERS 7907328227, Disposed (After the Meet)
53 Kerala State Small Scale Industries Association INFRASTRUCTURE 9847230058, Disposed (After the Meet)
54 New Bharath Coir Matts & Mattings FINANCE 4772258748 Under processing(Other Offices)
55 Thuravur Coir Vyavasaya Co-op Society Ltd No.435 Karthikeyan.T,N FINANCE ,OTHERS 9400569029, Under processing(Other Offices)
56 Sukumari M FINANCE 8089194625, Disposed (After the Meet)
57 Shyni FINANCE ,OTHERS 8157862098, Disposed (After the Meet)
58 Kalyanikkutty Amma & Kavitha OTHERS 9895531637, Disposed (After the Meet)
59 John Thomas LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,FINANCE 7559908749, 04792408749 Disposed (After the Meet)
60 Anil Kumar S OTHERS 9349754025, Disposed (After the Meet)
61 Ajayakumar TB FINANCE 7736500461, Disposed (After the Meet)
62 Kanjikkuzhi CVCS Ltd No.341 FINANCE ,INFRASTRUCTURE 9061088588, Under processing(Other Offices)
63 Fr. Zeeyonpuram Kuwait Kunjumon GILGAL MIGHTY WINGS HUMAN DELICIOUS FOODS AND DRINKS FACTORY INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 7902321205, 04792428826 Disposed (After the Meet)
64 Ajayakumar V Medico Lifescience OTHERS 7012616892, Disposed (After the Meet)
65 Stanley Sebastian ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 9496054017, 9446529717 Disposed (After the Meet)
66 KK James FINANCE 9946698608, Disposed (After the Meet)
67 M Salavudheen INFRASTRUCTURE 9447483326, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
68 PC Renganathan Alappuzha Coir Cluster Development Society OTHERS 9446118044, 04772230209 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
69 Dr. K.S Subash INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 4782812616 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
70 Thanneermukkom CVCS Ltd No.88 INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 9037905223, Under processing(Other Offices)
71 Dhrishya Kaimal FINANCE 8086310287, 9526757592 Disposed (After the Meet)
72 Marykkutty John FINANCE 9846934998, Under processing(Other Offices)
73 Gracy VR അക്ഷയ സെൻറർ OTHERS 9496705967, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
74 The Cyber Valley The Cyber Valley OTHERS Disposed (Before the Meet)
75 Naufal Shemsudheen FINANCE ,INFRASTRUCTURE 7994660122, Disposed (After the Meet)
76 Aroor Industrial Association INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 9447480472, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
77 Aneesh K FINANCE 8921514064, Disposed (After the Meet)
78 SUJAKUMARI FINANCE 9020370221, Disposed ()
79 Cheriyan.J ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 8921514064, Disposed (After the Meet)