District: Idukky
Total Petitions Received: 18
Sl.No. Name of Petitioner Name of Entreprise/MSME Units Nature of Petitions Contact Details. Status
1 Abdul Kareem Madavana Industries, DP Muttom INFRASTRUCTURE 9846006823, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
2 K V Pareeth LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9388714310, Pending
3 Bony Thomas LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447252293, Under processing(Other Offices)
4 Rakesh Roy OTHERS 9741299011, Under processing DIC
5 Cheriyan Kuruvila LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9947141529, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
6 Jaimon N.R. LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9497287063, Under processing(Other Offices)
7 Jilmon John M/s. Madathil Enterprises Thodupuzha INFRASTRUCTURE 9447042002, Disposed ()
8 Violet Tomy OTHERS 9744392402, Under processing(Other Offices)
9 Idukki Dist.Drivers Rank Holders Association (Various) OTHERS 9961813011, Disposed (Before the Meet)
10 Y. Sleebachen LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447112459, Under processing(Other Offices)
11 Baburaj OTHERS 9995314952, Disposed (Before the Meet)
12 Sasi K.B LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9747139123, Disposed (Before the Meet)
13 George Mathai LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8289875092, Under processing DIC
14 Shibu P.V. OTHERS 9447252201, Under processing(Other Offices)
15 C.V. Varghese OTHERS 7909233974, Under processing DIC
16 Smt.Solly P.A. OTHERS 9605505587, Disposed (Before the Meet)
17 Lucy Mathew, Puthupparambil, Thokkupara P.O. M/s.Appolo Industries LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9496278692 Pending
18 Prajeesha B, Mudakkalil M/s Ponnus Garments, Karunapuram FINANCE 7559891348 Pending