District: Kollam
Total Petitions Received: 184
Sl.No. Name of Petitioner Name of Entreprise/MSME Units Nature of Petitions Contact Details. Status
1 Ajitha Kumary Jayam Match Company FINANCE 9498903210, 9496890321 Disposed (After the Meet)
2 Cartland Industries Pvt Ltd Cartland Industries Pvt Ltd FINANCE 9946462653 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
3 Hayashi Furniture & Crafts Pvt Ltd Hayaski Furniture & Crafts Pvt Ltd FINANCE 8848769809 Disposed ()
4 Nainan Varghese Nainan Varghese LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447589457 Disposed (Before the Meet)
5 Sreekumar M/s Quilon Hotels & Resorts Pvt Ltd OTHERS 8086207777 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
6 Shamla Private Market LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9745609305 Disposed (Before the Meet)
7 Manoj M/s.Quality Metal Industries OTHERS Under processing DIC
8 Sreekumar K Quilon Hotels & Resorts OTHERS 8086207777, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
9 Ajitha Kumary Chinnus Flour Mill LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9446785389 Disposed (Before the Meet)
10 Praveen S Dev President,DP Mundakkal Plot Assoiation OTHERS 9447050133 Disposed (During the Meet)
11 Jalaja Shajahan F&F Amusement Ride Industry OTHERS 9847047338, 8907010983 Disposed (During the Meet)
12 Anil Kumar. Textile Federation ,INTUC INFRASTRUCTURE Decision to be taken at Govt. level
13 Akhil R Nair, Nani OTHERS 8281908094 Disposed (After the Meet)
14 Viju George Narakathil House- LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 7025945759 Disposed (After the Meet)
15 Nainan Varghese N S Bricks,Anchal LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447589457 Disposed (Before the Meet)
16 Shajahan Y SN Granite,Malayil, OTHERS 9497776853 Disposed (After the Meet)
17 Naveen Christo Ninan NS Bricks LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9544847768 Disposed (Before the Meet)
18 Roy Y Roy Bhavan FINANCE 9400419834 Disposed (After the Meet)
19 G.Shajilal Ponnus Food Products,Aylara FINANCE 7483806733 Disposed (After the Meet)
20 VinuKumar VKS Petro Chemicals FINANCE 9447088861 Disposed (After the Meet)
21 P.Somarajan Kailas Cashew Exports FINANCE 9447784302 Disposed (After the Meet)
22 Sajan Thomas Prime Sands & Aggregates LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9633555520 Disposed (After the Meet)
23 Sandhya Radhakrishnan Nivedya Cashews FINANCE 8943852470 Disposed (After the Meet)
24 Swetha Anto Falcon Traders FINANCE 9495944433 Disposed (After the Meet)
25 Bindhu, Mithram Foods FINANCE 7559067990 Disposed (After the Meet)
26 Ramachandran Nair KAYPEE Metals & Alloys Pvt Ltd FINANCE 7012580283 Disposed (After the Meet)
27 Nelson J Mettilda Bhavan OTHERS 9446594815, 7907883448 Disposed (After the Meet)
28 Jilu Thilakam DD Oil Mill FINANCE 7012113131 Disposed (After the Meet)
29 Gireesh Kumar M/s Indraneelam cocounut processing unit LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 7025868285, 7025868285 Disposed (After the Meet)
30 Eldho.Kuriyan M/s E.G Granites OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
31 Muraleedharan Unnithan M/S.Anjaneya Oil & Flour Mill LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 7356822865 Disposed (During the Meet)
32 Moli M/s Devikripa Hollow Bricks LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9745223940 Disposed (During the Meet)
33 Babu Oommen Alphonsa Cashew Industries FINANCE 9147424155, 04742415579 Disposed (Before the Meet)
34 Meharshad M/s Majees Garments FINANCE 8075526651 Disposed (Before the Meet)
35 Anil Kumar Anjana Bottle Supplies FINANCE 9946867140 Disposed (During the Meet)
36 Biju.L GL Bricks LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447730559 Disposed (After the Meet)
37 Sabitha M/s Torque Auto Tech. LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 7034952005 Disposed (During the Meet)
38 Ajith Kumar M/s Thulasi Stores FINANCE 9061324005 Disposed (During the Meet)
39 Arun.S M/s OCR Marine Boatyard LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9746173060 Disposed (Before the Meet)
40 Arun.M Sivaram Autospares LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9072372394 Disposed (Before the Meet)
41 Afleh. M/s Le Spazia inspace & interiols LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9745010026 Disposed (Before the Meet)
42 Ajayaghosh M/s Denmade food products LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9803040702 Disposed (Before the Meet)
43 Reena I R M/s.S R Mills & Foods LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9746193558 Disposed (Before the Meet)
44 Veena Viswanadhan M/s Ambadi Foods LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9846098718 Disposed (Before the Meet)
45 Bijeesh Murali M/s Achoos Food Products LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8086100661 Disposed (Before the Meet)
46 M.Hussain KSSIA in SWCB,DIDC OTHERS Decision to be taken at Govt. level
47 Shaji S Hameed OTHERS 9869609192 Disposed (During the Meet)
48 Shamla Beevi T-Shirt Manufaturing FINANCE 9747116535 Disposed (After the Meet)
49 Saji K Golden Cherry International OTHERS 9895086325 Disposed (Before the Meet)
50 Salim.A M/sKairali Crusher Unit LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447103330 Disposed (After the Meet)
51 Prasad John Samuel LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8129758609 Disposed (After the Meet)
52 Sufiya Salam Kerala organic Fertilizer Industry OTHERS 7736767714, 9895862674 Disposed (During the Meet)
53 Rejitha Somarajan Nila Exports OTHERS 9846005275 Disposed (During the Meet)
54 Raju.D Rugmini Saw mills OTHERS 9349954549 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
55 P.P.Jose M/s Alumtech industries OTHERS 9447045199 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
56 Riyas A Steelcabb FINANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
57 Entrepreneurs of Chadayamangalam MIE Chadayamangalam MIE INFRASTRUCTURE ,OTHERS 9495473421 Disposed (During the Meet)
58 Anil Kumar Anjana Bottle Supplies OTHERS 9946867140 Disposed (After the Meet)
59 Baby Anaswara LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 994694212, 9946942127 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
60 Navas M/s Washup Car wash LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,FINANCE 9496661113 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
61 Anuraj.R M/s Sree valsam crusher Unit LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9961019319 Disposed (During the Meet)
62 Entrepreneurs of Chithara MIE, INFRASTRUCTURE 9495338630 Disposed (During the Meet)
63 Arunraj.R M/s Cluster Cotton FINANCE 9747302431 Disposed (During the Meet)
64 Arun Aravind Aravind Diaries LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9656949493 Disposed (After the Meet)
65 Sajini Flour Mill LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9746230126, 9746230126 Disposed (During the Meet)
66 Resmi M/s Vishakam Info Tech LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9656319247, 8086231924 Disposed (After the Meet)
67 Safeer Star Milk Products OTHERS 9048077842 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
68 Salil, M/s Dent Link, FINANCE 9495068970 Disposed (During the Meet)
69 State Engineering Workshop Association State Engineering Workshop Association OTHERS 9447181811, 9447181811" Decision to be taken at Govt. level
70 Biju Basheer Aristocratic Industries OTHERS 9447070509 Disposed (During the Meet)
71 Ajayan, M/s Unnikuttan Automobile Patchs & Painting" LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9656395776 Disposed (During the Meet)
72 Rajesh Gopinath M/s Sreekrishana Pappadam, FINANCE 9495206921 Disposed (After the Meet)
73 Prince Sha nivas LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9526475277 Disposed (During the Meet)
74 Vishnu Sabari Foods, FINANCE 9961614394, 7025440401 Disposed (During the Meet)
75 Aswani Sanju Indhus Flour & Oil Mil FINANCE 7025424676 Under processing DIC
76 Praveen S Dev President,DP Mundakkal Plot Assoiation INFRASTRUCTURE 9447050133 Disposed (During the Meet)
77 Abhilash Lal JayaLash Coir Works OTHERS 9446111630 Under processing DIC
78 John Philip OTHERS Disposed (During the Meet)
79 Vishak Radhakrishnan M/s Jeedev Food LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9561068402 Disposed (During the Meet)
80 "Hari Kumar M/s.Haspico India Pvt Ltd OTHERS 9947930104 Disposed (During the Meet)
81 Haji Rajappan M/s Island Boat Yard LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8078305742 Disposed (After the Meet)
82 Muraleedharan Kailas Hollow Bricks LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9446956003 Disposed (During the Meet)
83 Ravisankar Erathu veedu OTHERS 7736052185, 7736052185" Disposed (After the Meet)
84 Rendeep Raveendra CryoPrecision Technologies &Pvt Ltd OTHERS 4742535466, 474-2535466 Disposed (During the Meet)
85 Binoy Benjamin,Benny Johnson,George Cyril, M/s Mariyam Ice Products" OTHERS 9633667211 Disposed (After the Meet)
86 Ansar Rahim Ansar Cashew Factory FINANCE 9744310044 Disposed (After the Meet)
87 M.Jawahar, INDPCS INFRASTRUCTURE 9446418227 Disposed (After the Meet)
88 M.Hussain,Secretary 3 star Furniture Unit LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
89 Pradeep Lal Lal Enterprises, LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9847075755 Disposed (After the Meet)
90 Ambily & Rajesh Babu M/s Torian Metals & Trading LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8921077300 Disposed (After the Meet)
91 Rejitha Somarajan, Nila Exports OTHERS 9846005275 Disposed (After the Meet)
92 Radhakrishnan M/s Bright Metal Works INFRASTRUCTURE 9447730745 Under processing DIC
93 M.Hussain, Secretary,KSSIA (Matches industry Crisis) OTHERS 9847222829 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
94 Janani Athira Wirecut Bricks, LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
95 M.Hussain Sasthamkotta.MIE,Kareepra MIE sheds OTHERS 9847222829 Under processing DIC
96 Nadirsha M/s.AN Furniture LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9656989482 Disposed (During the Meet)
97 Balan, SCASCOS Auto Spare & Electrical Engineering Society,A FINANCE 8943061768 Disposed (After the Meet)
98 Ravi.S & Minimole G FINANCE 9387922100 Disposed (After the Meet)
99 K.Sasidharan M/s.AutoAuto Spare Electrical engineering SC Ind.Cooperative Society,Kannanallo OTHERS 8943061768 Under processing DIC
100 Jasmine Jasmine Cashews LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
101 Jithu Krishnan Bharath Aersol OTHERS 6909266760 Disposed (During the Meet)
102 G.Padmakumar Capital Colour Park Digital Press FINANCE 9447737300 Under processing DIC
103 Sathi Rajendran Sree Sree Enterprises FINANCE 9495765118 Disposed (During the Meet)
104 Omana Vasudevan Venad SC women industrial cooperative society FINANCE 9400194917 Under processing DIC
105 Nissar.A Kareemia Buildings LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9048782639 Disposed (After the Meet)
106 Nasarudeen Enam International Trade links, FINANCE 9895995932 Disposed (After the Meet)
107 Gireesh Kumar.PS Indraneelam Oil mills OTHERS 7025868285 Under processing DIC
108 Vinu Vijayan Vinu LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447398856, 9447398856" Disposed (After the Meet)
109 V S Priyadarshan,President The Mulluvila Handloom Weaver FINANCE Under processing DIC
110 Raji Anilkumar M/s Afresh Plastic FINANCE 9526064466 Disposed (After the Meet)
111 S.Santhosh,AITUC & Prakash-CITU OTHERS 9447865210, 9447865210 Under processing DIC
112 Jacob John Anns Flour Mill & Spices OTHERS 8606599005, 8606599005" Disposed (After the Meet)
113 Sreenath RPC Paper Mills Pvt Ltd OTHERS 9447027214 Under processing DIC
114 K S Thajudeen M/s ST Hollow Bricks LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9446181855, 9446181855" Disposed (After the Meet)
115 "Vimal Babu Vimal Wood Industries LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9188357589, 9188357589" Disposed (After the Meet)
116 Gopalakrishna Pilla kaleetharayil House OTHERS 9821092773 Disposed (After the Meet)
117 Sabarinath Environment Protection Platform, OTHERS 9447301059 Disposed (After the Meet)
118 Anilkumar Samyuktha Purusha Swayam Sahaya Sangam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9562758701 Disposed (After the Meet)
119 Santhosh Kumar S Power India Enterprises OTHERS 9048511185 Disposed (After the Meet)
120 Rajesh Sree Nilayam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
121 Secretary Processors Association for Revival of Cashew nut Industry activities FINANCE Under processing DIC
122 Ashkar khan Ashkar Cashew industries OTHERS 9447095207 Disposed (After the Meet)
123 Abdul Salim E Valiya veedu OTHERS 9745415420 Under processing DIC
125 Sunil R Sopanam OTHERS 7306240564 Disposed (After the Meet)
126 Amal Raj R ASR Food Industries LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9048281316, 9947635735 Disposed (After the Meet)
127 Shibina S F Kinaruvila Kizhakkathil LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9947732890 Disposed (After the Meet)
128 Immanuel Xavior, Kizhakkayyathu Veedu LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9615900700 Disposed (After the Meet)
129 Thanoof T Aanoor thekkathi LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
130 Kairali Industrial Laundry & Dry Cleaners owners Assosiation Kairali Industrial Laundry & Dry Cleaners owners Assosiation OTHERS Under processing DIC
131 President, kollam jilla karinkal querry vyavasaya sahakarana sangham kollam jilla karinkal querry vyavasaya sahakarana sangham- SINDQ-516 OTHERS Under processing DIC
132 Shobhana Kaliyilil Kizhakkathil FINANCE 9495701069 Disposed (After the Meet)
133 Nissamudheen R Pathoos textiles & garments FINANCE 8089198295 Disposed (After the Meet)
134 Shabeer S Ashirvad Enterprises, FINANCE 9605566799 Disposed (After the Meet)
135 Satheer S Ashirvad Cashews OTHERS 9400300598 Disposed (After the Meet)
136 Shajahan F&F Amusement ride industries OTHERS Under processing DIC
137 Raveendran Nair Punnavila Veedu LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 7034397090 Disposed (After the Meet)
138 proprietor SS cashews OTHERS 9495659996 Disposed (After the Meet)
139 Sujesh Lal Vayalil Puthenveedu OTHERS 7902851981 Disposed (After the Meet)
140 Ansif Thekkeveedu OTHERS 9496311014 Disposed (After the Meet)
141 Vinayakar Kaithary Sangham labours Vinayakar Kaithary Sangham OTHERS Under processing DIC
142 Manager Aerofill filters India Pvt Ltd, LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447317554 Disposed (After the Meet)
143 Prajatha M Kadayil Veedu OTHERS Under processing(Other Offices)
144 Jayachandran Adithya Cashew Industries FINANCE 9447057015 Disposed (After the Meet)
145 Kavitha Vishnumaya Orchids FINANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
146 Abdul Najeem Maraykkalazhikam OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
147 A.K.Shaji Green Bee Agro Solutions LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9846131628 Disposed (After the Meet)
148 Sari Shankar Kuzhivarath Padinjattathil FINANCE 8921882955 Disposed (After the Meet)
149 Remya R Krishna Yamuna Mandhiram OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
150 Niyas Asian Cashew Impex OTHERS 9605121435 Disposed (After the Meet)
151 President, Kollam Dist. Quari Industrial Co-operative Society Kollam Dist. Quari Industrial Co-operative Society OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
152 Salim Ismail S.N.Cashews FINANCE 9495659996 Disposed (After the Meet)
153 Anwar Hussain Bakers Treat FINANCE 9447042809 Disposed (After the Meet)
154 C.G.Lalji C.G.A Saw mill FINANCE 9447248207 Disposed (After the Meet)
155 Akhil.D FINANCE 9447248207 Disposed (After the Meet)
156 K.Ajithakumari OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
157 Nandakumar, Sastha Enterprises, FINANCE 9447490288 Disposed (After the Meet)
158 Nahas.M MHN Cashew Traders FINANCE 9447402134 Disposed (After the Meet)
159 Vinod Babu Vilayil Agencies LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9946717403 Disposed (After the Meet)
160 Suma sam M/s.Danson Enterprise FINANCE 9446106270 Disposed (After the Meet)
161 Muneer Chirayil Melathil FINANCE 8156868668 Disposed (After the Meet)
162 Ajayakumar M/s.Deeparadhana Cashew Products FINANCE 9447800671 Disposed (After the Meet)
163 Reetha Jibi Kanakamangalam FINANCE 9387913370 Disposed (After the Meet)
164 Muhammed Nazarulla Lulu Residency OTHERS 7591929311 Disposed (After the Meet)
165 Presidents Naduvilakkara SC HICS Q.365, FINANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
166 S.Jayprakash Industies of National Saw mill Federation OTHERS Under processing DIC
167 Rajesh.K.S Vivekananda Press FINANCE 9387908000 Disposed (After the Meet)
168 S.Jayan OTHERS 9961359175 Under processing DIC
169 Jayachandran.R Bace Society FINANCE 9447894668 Disposed (After the Meet)
170 Shinu Chandran S.S Sadan FINANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
171 K.Sivadasan Murundal Coir Vyavasaya Co-op. Society OTHERS 9400148158 Disposed (After the Meet)
172 Presidents and Secretaries Coir Co-op. Society OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
173 Members Neeravil CVCS Ltd. No.538, North Murunthal CVCS No.635 OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
174 Unnikrishna Pillai M/s.ABC Bricks, OTHERS 7559864900 Disposed (After the Meet)
175 Abdul Salam Alhana OTHERS 9745688051 Disposed (After the Meet)
176 Sudheerkumar Solve Plastic products Pvt. Ltd OTHERS 6235350000, 04752222080 Under processing DIC
177 Sivaprasad Thundayyathu Veedu LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
178 Kerala State Small Industries Association, Kerala State Small Industries Association, OTHERS 9074199411 Decision to be taken at Govt. level
179 Jayasree Raju Sooraj Hardwares FINANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
180 Binesh Samuel Binesh Sadanam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (After the Meet)
181 Quarry & Crusher Owners Association dist. Committee, Kollam Quarry & Crusher Owners Association dist. Committee, Kollam OTHERS 9447128704 Disposed (After the Meet)
182 Geen George, GRG Pro Audios FINANCE 7293160519 Disposed (After the Meet)
183 Navasudeen M/s Shifa Entreprises LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9747612708 Disposed (After the Meet)
184 S.Shajikumar, Beena Nivas LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9446574085 Disposed (After the Meet)