District: Pathanamthitta
Total Petitions Received: 66
Sl.No. Name of Petitioner Name of Entreprise/MSME Units Nature of Petitions Contact Details. Status
1 Mathew Mathew Wayside Aqua Park FINANCE 9446170966, Disposed (After the Meet)
2 Shibu Thomas FINANCE 9847180866, Under processing(Other Offices)
3 Byju B Babu FINANCE 9496261153, Disposed (Before the Meet)
4 Sasikumar OTHERS 951099448, Disposed ()
5 OPhilip OTHERS 9447223173, Disposed ()
6 Reji Thomas LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
7 Manoj Kumar LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9846447027, Under processing(Other Offices)
8 C V Alexander, LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,OTHERS 9539024121, Disposed ()
9 Rajagopalan Nair OTHERS 9656705231, Under processing(Other Offices)
10 Saji John Rifa Electrical Inds.Pvt.Ltd,Kinfra,Adoor INFRASTRUCTURE 9400749509, Disposed (During the Meet)
11 Abraham LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447249099, Under processing(Other Offices)
12 Suresh Koshy OTHERS 9495660963, Disposed (Before the Meet)
13 Gopalakrishnan V M/s.Castle Coffee OTHERS 9447855158, Disposed ()
14 Jyothi Manufacturing Industries OTHERS 9447755462, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
15 Bijoy John Volto Paints , OTHERS 9961618449, Disposed ()
16 Vinu P S FINANCE 7902320666, Disposed (Before the Meet)
17 Jibin B Thomas M/s.Manna Digital Studio FINANCE 7012840238, Disposed (During the Meet)
18 C M Mathew LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8547605948, Disposed (During the Meet)
19 Jamini madhu FINANCE 9645412902, Disposed (During the Meet)
20 Nouphal M I M/S Soverign Pet preforms ,Kinfra ,Kunnamthaanam OTHERS Disposed (Before the Meet)
21 Sreelal FINANCE 9656861049, Disposed (During the Meet)
22 Arun Das M/s.Vigneswara Assossiates, OTHERS 9048182653, Disposed (During the Meet)
23 Aby T George M/s.Unique modular kitchen , LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447271744, Under processing(Other Offices)
24 Soumya Kumari V S M/s.Krishna Beauty Parlor FINANCE 9656875901, Disposed (During the Meet)
25 Noufal M I Soverin Pet Reforms Ltd,Kinfra ,Kunnamthanam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9847174742 Under processing(Other Offices)
26 Alexander John OTHERS Decision to be taken at Govt. level
27 Sreejith menon N FINANCE Decision to be taken at Govt. level
28 Babu Paul M/s. Samudra Polymers,D P Kunnamthanam INFRASTRUCTURE 7012663485, Disposed (During the Meet)
29 Shaji Mathew M/s.Palathra Constructions , S N Puram,Kurichi LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447749292, Disposed ()
30 Anish Joseph KPV Group LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 8921287037, Disposed (After the Meet)
31 M/S.Coco fibre Industries Pvt.ld OTHERS Under processing DIC
32 Managing Partner ,M/s.Siva Enterprises M/s.Siva Enterprises INFRASTRUCTURE Disposed (After the Meet)
33 Propritor M/s.JJ Enterprises M/s.JJ Enterprises OTHERS Disposed ()
34 MIE Mallappally Unit Owners OTHERS Disposed (During the Meet)
35 Ratheesh Raj M/S.Rithika Furnishing ,Konni LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9846958065, Disposed (During the Meet)
36 K A Kuriakose M/s. Kedhaaram Ayurvedha pharmacy, D P Kunnamthanam INFRASTRUCTURE 9496203394, Disposed ()
37 Jisha Ajith FINANCE 8129670943, Under processing(Other Offices)
38 M V Abraham M/S J J Tubes LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9447166866, Under processing(Other Offices)
39 Mathews Mohanan M/S.Mannamkuzhiyil OTHERS Disposed (After the Meet)
40 C K Baby M/S.Matzon Rubbers INFRASTRUCTURE 7012742235, Under processing DIC
41 Balagopal G M/s Zornex Electronics OTHERS Disposed (During the Meet)
42 Mathai Rajan FINANCE 9446662409, Disposed (After the Meet)
43 Binu Balakrishnan M/s.Deepam LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Under processing(Other Offices)
44 Chandi Mathew M/s.Lake view Ayurvedic Resort FINANCE Disposed ()
45 Sindulal M/s.Ocean roof & Tubes ,Pramadom LICENSE/ CLEARANCE,FINANCE 9497462901, Under processing(Other Offices)
46 Ponnamma V M/s.V Food Agri Organic Industry OTHERS Disposed ()
47 Antony C G KSSIA District Secretary,Pathanamthitta INFRASTRUCTURE 9745500694, Under processing(Other Offices)
48 KSSIA Secretary INFRASTRUCTURE 9745500694, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
49 C G Antony LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9745500694, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
50 Lali Mathew M/s.Palavilayil Soap works ISSUES OF WORKING / CLOSED UNIT 9447244521, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
51 Sreedevi Kunjamma LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
52 N Pradeepkumar FINANCE Disposed ()
53 Saji P J LICENSE/ CLEARANCE Disposed (During the Meet)
54 Reji Yohannan M/s.R L Electrical Works FINANCE 9349224476, Under processing(Other Offices)
55 MD,Konni Agrregates M/s. Konni Aggrigates , LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9496613492, Under processing(Other Offices)
56 Morly Joseph KSSIA PTA OTHERS 9446548454, Decision to be taken at Govt. level
57 Asha Prasanth Janakeeya Hotel FINANCE Under processing(Other Offices)
58 K J Thomaskutty LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9496613492, Under processing(Other Offices)
59 Sudeep Kumar P B Poovannathil ,Cheenkalthadam P O,Mylapra FINANCE 9961678583, Under processing(Other Offices)
60 Aji Thomas Memana Baker ,PTA LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9446787225, Under processing(Other Offices)
61 Ushambika M/s.Pranavam Brick Industries FINANCE 9495554952, Under processing(Other Offices)
62 Sabu INFRASTRUCTURE 9847289461, Under processing DIC
63 Nirmala M/s.Eraviperoor Rice FINANCE 9747560662, Under processing(Other Offices)
64 mathew OTHERS 8590298789, Disposed ()
65 Vilcy Valsan FINANCE 8281356187, Under processing(Other Offices)
66 Aneesh K G LICENSE/ CLEARANCE 9847147658, Disposed (After the Meet)